Betting on Tennis – Grand Slam

You can bet on tennis throughout the season, but the highlight of the Grand Slam. Will be attended by virtually all of the top players and bookmakers will these games offer more betting opportunities. In addition, is also an advantage that the games are broadcast on television, so you can seamlessly watch.

In this two-part series, we introduce all four Grand Slam and the important factors you when betting on the Grand Slam matches were taken into account.

Australian Open

This is the first Grand Slam of the calendar year – takes place in late January in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is played on outdoor courts with hard surface, but the main court has a roof that can be retracted case of bad weather. Tournament often accompany the heat, but sometimes it’s also windy. For residents of the northern hemisphere is watching this tournament enjoyable just because the middle of winter sees sunny summers.

When betting on the Australian Open, you should pay attention to these things:

“Rusty” top players

Better players could skip the smaller tournaments before this Grand Slam, so they may take a while before they get into the right rhythm. So you can think about a bet on the underdog (more on his win in the first few Gemechu or the first set than in the whole match).

Hot weather

As we have said, the players at the Australian Open often faced with heat. If you want to bet on a match played under these conditions, do not bet on players who in the past had a problem with adapting to difficult conditions. Under the hot sun last play hard only players who are really good physical condition. This information can be used for betting against players with worse physical (especially in the last 1-2 sets of long, physically demanding game).

Quality players persist

Australian Open is a known fact that it won only one that really top players, so once the tournament reaches the quarterfinals, you should not bet too much on outsiders – surprising results already see only rarely. This is due to the fact that the hard surface does not interfere too much in the game. On clay or grass can get the benefit of lesser players (due to impact damage and other factors), but the hard surface is neutral, so it is on top of the one who is better tennis player.

Australian Open tournament is fairly predictable, but at the initial stage of the tournament you will find several games that fall closer (or vice versa) than expected. In the later stage of the tournament you should keep betting on favorites.

French Open

The second Grand Slam of the calendar year. French Open is played on red clay of the famous Roland Garros. Because it is played in late May and early June, the matches are often interrupted by rain. Tennis on the clay surface is a story in itself – information about the different types of surfaces can be found in our series Surfaces courts.

When betting on the French Open, you should pay attention to these things:

Quite a few surprising results

At the French Open is not a shortage of surprising results, so you can think about a bet on the underdog (on the basis of carefully conducted pre-game analysis). Remember that if you want to bet on the underdog, you should do so before the match or after the beginning – if the outsider gets into leadership courses quite a fall. Trust therefore his conclusions earlier and get a better rate.

Preference is given to players rushed

Due to the nature of clay have the advantage of players who are quickly and readily in a match properly break. Playing tennis on clay is hard work. Success depends largely on the commitment. If a player has a reputation as “wimps,” you should not exercise during the French Open betting. Searching more players of which is known to be hard workers.

A small number es

The clay is quite difficult to give aces (especially when clay is wet). Look at the matches players who have strong administration and consider placing a bet on the number under es. Because it is the players who normally rely on their administration, perhaps find convenient betting opportunity. Clay should then arrange lower total es than when these players is customary.

Experience has superiority over youth

Young players, even though they may have tennis quality, often lack the experience, which makes it not on clay courts French Open succeed. When planting concentrate more on the players who already have something on him, and who have a long-term positive balance of clay.

Many tennis fans has French Open as extreme – either this tournament and love or hate it. Some like to watch the fight on clay, but some consider these games boring. Regardless of which group you belong, if you follow strategically correctly, you betting on the French Open earn.

7 tips to gain an advantage when betting on NHL after the completion of transfers

The period just before the end of transfers in the NHL is probably the most active in the sport worldwide. Especially during the last few days will take place literally dozens of transfers. Most of them is not something tremendously important, but there is always at least a few cases, when the club departure/arrival player significantly weaken/strengthen.

Therefore, it is important to this period were thoroughly prepared and well managed bet between the end of transfers until the end of the rounds. Below you will find seven main factors that you should take into account:

1) A new player from afar?

If a new player from afar, perhaps it does not manage to move into its new location quickly enough to play in the very first possible match. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to reckon with the fact that new players will take time for it than properly acclimatized (Get a living, get acquainted with the functioning of the club and new teammates, she learns what role to play in the team and so forth). Coming into a new environment, so most likely in the short term will reduce the performance of the players.

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2) He was a key player leaving and/or popular?

In the long run, teams can replace virtually anyone. In the short term, however, the teams after the departure of key players suffer. If the player has been a leader in the cabin and/or on the ice, his absence will be a big difference to morale and hence the performance. This is especially true if the team behind the departing player does not get adequate compensation.

3) It was a surprising move?

If you are on a long transfer rumors or if the replacement player “trejd” for a long time himself said, then the rest of the team had got used to the fact that soon he would have to fight without him. However, if the transfer of nowhere, will have to exchange team definitely impact.

4) What was the form of the team before the exchange?

This is a very important question – and in most cases probably the best starting point for creating analysis. If the team had bad form and has been active in the transfer field, the situation probably will not change anything – it is unlikely that several new players completely turned the team’s performance.

If, however, a team led well overall and even strengthened, its original game with new acquisitions actually get to a higher level. Certainly it is not, it is also possible that new players into the game the team philosophy and snap the changes will have a rather negative impact. An important factor may be overcrowding squad – if a lot of players come and few leaves, some players lose their place in the squad, which may lead to worsening mood in the team.

5) What was the purpose of the exchange?

Another important factor is why the team made the exchange. What did he accomplish? This is a strong team that wanted to strengthen the fight before the Stanley Cup? This is a team that currently represents a cadre of searching for the missing parts of the puzzle? This is a team that play-off at a couple of points, and hopes that the arrival of a player will mean a break? Or maybe it is a team whose managment had given year “wrapped” and are struggling to save money?

The more you can understand what motivated the team to proceed with the exchange, the better you will be able to estimate the impact on the team will be given replacement. The team, from which players go, will – at least temporarily – kilter. Conversely, a team that has strengthened, it will have better morale. If you know what the situation is when the team is, Ober bookmakers for money.

6) How is team chemistry?

When entering/exiting the player must evaluate what kind of team currently has chemistry, and also what kind of change will have a cadre of chemistry influence. Team chemistry is a very important factor. You have a team of how big stars, but unless these players pull together, reach success. The clearest example is the Russian national team.

Also look at whether the player knows the coach, under which he will play. They know from the past? They had some problems and get along well? Many bettors make the mistake when analyzing team chemistry ignores the influence of the coach. For example, Alois Hadamczik definitely not on team chemistry Czech national team good effect.

7) How will the change be perceived by the public?

Fans will be important Transfers react very strongly. If a team makes a few transfers that are not profitable in the short run, fans will be most likely to respond negatively. The worst reaction (logically) comes when a team begins its star and unable to find an adequate replacement. The opposite situation will be after the arrival of some quality players. Keep in mind that fans are in hockey – and especially in the NHL – very important.